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Workshop: Machine Learning for Systems

Predicting Network Buffer Capacity for BBR Fairness

Ibrahim Umit Akgun · Santiago Vargas · Andrew Burford · Michael McNeill · Michael Arkhangelskiy · Aruna Balasubramanian · Anshul Gandhi · Erez Zadok


BBR is a newer TCP congestion control algorithm with promising features, but it can often be unfair to existing loss-based congestion-control algorithms. This is because BBR's sending rate is dictated by static parameters that do not adapt well to dynamic and diverse network conditions. In this work, we introduce BBR-ML, an in-kernel ML-based tuning system for BBR, designed to improve fairness when in competition with loss-based congestion control. To build BBR-ML, we discretized the network condition search space and trained a model on 2,500 different network conditions. We then modified BBR to run an in-kernel model to predict network buffer sizes, and then use this prediction for optimal parameter settings. Our preliminary evaluation results show that BBR-ML can improve fairness when in competition with Cubic by up to 30% in some cases.

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