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Poster - Recorded Presentation
Workshop: Machine Learning for Systems

HloEnv: A Graph Rewrite Environment for Deep Learning Compiler Optimization Research

Chin Yang Oh · Kunhao Zheng · Bingyi Kang · Xinyi Wan · Zhongwen Xu · Shuicheng Yan · Min Lin · Yangzihao Wang


We introduce HloEnv, an environment based on Accelerated Linear Algebra (XLA) for deep learning (DL) compiler optimization research. HloEnv transforms all graph rewrites into a common representation, providing a flexible interface to control and modify existing graph optimization passes. In this representation, an XLA pass is converted into a set of sequential rewrite decisions, which control when and if the rewrites are applied. Along with HloEnv, we present a dataset with broad coverage of computation graphs drawn from modern real-world machine learning models. We select two XLA passes with the largest impact on the runtime of the compiled program, and explore the potential for further improvement over XLA in this decision space. We show that using simple heuristics for decision-making can achieve on-par or better performance than XLA. Using search algorithms further boosts performance. We intend for HloEnv and our dataset to be an open-source, community-driven effort that helps spur advances in DL compiler optimization research.

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