Workshop: Human in the Loop Learning (HiLL) Workshop at NeurIPS 2022

Towards Informed Design and Validation Assistance in Computer Games Using Imitation Learning

Alessandro Sestini · Carl Joakim Bergdahl · Konrad Tollmar · Andrew Bagdanov · Linus GisslĂ©n


In games, as in many other domains, design validation and testing is a significant challenge as systems are growing in size and manual testing is becoming infeasible. This paper proposes a new approach to automated game validation. Our method leverages a data-driven imitation learning technique, which requires little effort and time and no knowledge of machine learning or programming, that designers can use to efficiently train game testing agents. We investigate the validity of our approach through a user study with industry experts. The survey results show that ours is indeed a valid approach to game validation and that data-driven programming would be a useful aid to reducing effort and increasing quality of modern playtesting. The survey also highlights several open challenges. With the help of the most recent literature, we analyze the identified challenges and propose future research directions suitable for maximizing the utility of our approach.

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