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Do you value depth over breath, process over outcome, deep understanding of empirical results and collaborative/peer supported research? Do you think publication incentives put too much emphasis on benchmarks/tables with shiny bold numbers, at times using metrics that might not even be the most appropriate ones? Should the ML community value more empirical analysis and sharing of unexpected negative results? Do you want to know more about the ICBINB initiative? Come talk to us at the ICBINB Meet-Up! This will be a 30 minute informal gathering point where you can get to know more about the ICBINB initiative, meet some of their current members and/or other workshop attendees that care about any of the questions above! We would love to meet you, exchange ideas, tell you about other efforts/activities we are doing, or just have a nice informal discussions about meta-research! We would also love to hear any feedback you have, and provide info for anyone that wants to be more involved.

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