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Affinity Workshop

Global South in AI

Sudha Jamthe · Susanna Raj · Pariya Sarin · Yashaswini Viswanath

Room 287


The Global South in AI workshop will run for 1 hours. Join us in-person or via virtual and ask a question in the chat.

1. keynote by Bonaventure Dossou (McGill University, past Mila Institute and Google AI) - on their research about building technologies for African Languages
2. keynote by Jazmia Henry on operationalizing bias reduction in post production (Remember AI needs to keep learning continuously, how to get that chatbot to take my input when it failed to understand me this time?)
2. Design thinking workshop led by Sudha Jamthe (Stanford University) and Susanna Raj (AI4Nomads) live + a hybrid zoom session including two of our accepted authors Ogbuokiri Blessing (York University) and Ricardo Alanis (CodeandOMexico)

Join us as global south innovators to arrive at actionable insights about commons problems, potential solutions and identifying shared resources for open datasets for translations, transliterations, language model generators, benchmarks and speech recognition for Global south languages. For more information, please visit the Global South in AI website.

Don't miss our poster sessions at the joint poster sessions following this workshop at 4.30pm in Hall J

And our 12 peer-review double blind selected authors representing 8 languages/12 countr

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