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Workshop: Machine Learning and the Physical Sciences

Source Identification and Field Reconstruction of Advection-Diffusion Process from Sparse Sensor Measurements

Arka Daw · Kyongmin Yeo · Anuj Karpatne ·


Inferring the source information of greenhouse gases, such as methane, from spatially sparse sensor observations is an essential element in mitigating climate change. While it is well understood that the complex behavior of the atmospheric dispersion of such pollutants is governed by the Advection-Diffusion equation, it is difficult to directly apply the governing equations to identify the source information because of the spatially sparse observations, i.e., the pollution concentration is known only at the sensor locations. Here, we develop a multi-task learning framework that can provide high-fidelity reconstruction of the concentration field and identify emission characteristics of the pollution sources such as their location, emission strength, etc. from sparse sensor observations. We demonstrate that our proposed framework is able to achieve accurate reconstruction of the methane concentrations from sparse sensor measurements as well as precisely pin-point the location and emission strength of these pollution sources.

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