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The Query Complexity of Cake Cutting

Simina Branzei · Noam Nisan

Hall J (level 1) #829

Keywords: [ cake cutting ] [ upper bounds ] [ lower bounds ] [ query complexity ] [ fair division ]

Abstract: We consider the query complexity of cake cutting in the standard query model and give lower and upper bounds for computing approximately envy-free, perfect, and equitable allocations with the minimum number of cuts. The lower bounds are tight for computing contiguous envy-free allocations among $n=3$ players and for computing perfect and equitable allocations with minimum number of cuts between $n=2$ players. For $\epsilon$-envy-free allocations with contiguous pieces, we also give an upper bound of $O(n/\epsilon)$ and lower bound of $\Omega(\log(1/\epsilon))$ queries for any number $n \geq 3$ of players.We also formalize moving knife procedures and show that a large subclass of this family, which captures all the known moving knife procedures, can be simulated efficiently with arbitrarily small error in the Robertson-Webb query model.

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