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Smoothed Embeddings for Certified Few-Shot Learning

Mikhail Pautov · Olesya Kuznetsova · Nurislam Tursynbek · Aleksandr Petiushko · Ivan Oseledets

Hall J (level 1) #417

Keywords: [ Few-Shot Learning ] [ certified robustness ] [ randomized smoothing ]

Abstract: Randomized smoothing is considered to be the state-of-the-art provable defense against adversarial perturbations. However, it heavily exploits the fact that classifiers map input objects to class probabilities and do not focus on the ones that learn a metric space in which classification is performed by computing distances to embeddings of class prototypes. In this work, we extend randomized smoothing to few-shot learning models that map inputs to normalized embeddings. We provide analysis of the Lipschitz continuity of such models and derive a robustness certificate against $\ell_2$-bounded perturbations that may be useful in few-shot learning scenarios. Our theoretical results are confirmed by experiments on different datasets.

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