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Meta-Query-Net: Resolving Purity-Informativeness Dilemma in Open-set Active Learning

Dongmin Park · Yooju Shin · Jihwan Bang · Youngjun Lee · Hwanjun Song · Jae-Gil Lee

Hall J (level 1) #709

Keywords: [ Out-of-distribution Data ] [ Active Learning ] [ Open-set Noise ]


Unlabeled data examples awaiting annotations contain open-set noise inevitably. A few active learning studies have attempted to deal with this open-set noise for sample selection by filtering out the noisy examples. However, because focusing on the purity of examples in a query set leads to overlooking the informativeness of the examples, the best balancing of purity and informativeness remains an important question. In this paper, to solve this purity-informativeness dilemma in open-set active learning, we propose a novel Meta-Query-Net (MQ-Net) that adaptively finds the best balancing between the two factors. Specifically, by leveraging the multi-round property of active learning, we train MQ-Net using a query set without an additional validation set. Furthermore, a clear dominance relationship between unlabeled examples is effectively captured by MQ-Net through a novel skyline regularization. Extensive experiments on multiple open-set active learning scenarios demonstrate that the proposed MQ-Net achieves 20.14% improvement in terms of accuracy, compared with the state-of-the-art methods.

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