Falconn++: A Locality-sensitive Filtering Approach for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search

Ninh Pham · Tao Liu

Keywords: [ Approximate nearest neighbor search ] [ recall-speed tradeoff ] [ locality-sensitive ]


We present Falconn++, a novel locality-sensitive filtering (LSF) approach for approximate nearest neighbor search on angular distance. Falconn++ can filter out potential far away points in any hash bucket before querying, which results in higher quality candidates compared to other hashing-based solutions. Theoretically, Falconn++ asymptotically achieves lower query time complexity than Falconn, an optimal locality-sensitive hashing scheme on angular distance. Empirically, Falconn++ achieves a higher recall-speed tradeoff than Falconn on many real-world data sets. Falconn++ is also competitive with HNSW, an efficient representative of graph-based solutions on high search recall regimes.

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