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Bounded-Regret MPC via Perturbation Analysis: Prediction Error, Constraints, and Nonlinearity

Yiheng Lin · Yang Hu · Guannan Qu · Tongxin Li · Adam Wierman

Hall J (level 1) #304

Keywords: [ Perturbation Analysis ] [ regret ] [ Model Predictive Control ] [ prediction error ]


We study Model Predictive Control (MPC) and propose a general analysis pipeline to bound its dynamic regret. The pipeline first requires deriving a perturbation bound for a finite-time optimal control problem. Then, the perturbation bound is used to bound the per-step error of MPC, which leads to a bound on the dynamic regret. Thus, our pipeline reduces the study of MPC to the well-studied problem of perturbation analysis, enabling the derivation of regret bounds of MPC under a variety of settings. To demonstrate the power of our pipeline, we use it to generalize existing regret bounds on MPC in linear time-varying (LTV) systems to incorporate prediction errors on costs, dynamics, and disturbances. Further, our pipeline leads to regret bounds on MPC in systems with nonlinear dynamics and constraints.

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