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Mingling Foresight with Imagination: Model-Based Cooperative Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

Zhiwei Xu · dapeng li · Bin Zhang · Yuan Zhan · Yunpeng Baiia · Guoliang Fan

Keywords: [ Multi-Agent Systems ] [ Model-based Reinforcement Learning ]


Recently, model-based agents have achieved better performance than model-free ones using the same computational budget and training time in single-agent environments. However, due to the complexity of multi-agent systems, it is tough to learn the model of the environment. The significant compounding error may hinder the learning process when model-based methods are applied to multi-agent tasks. This paper proposes an implicit model-based multi-agent reinforcement learning method based on value decomposition methods. Under this method, agents can interact with the learned virtual environment and evaluate the current state value according to imagined future states in the latent space, making agents have the foresight. Our approach can be applied to any multi-agent value decomposition method. The experimental results show that our method improves the sample efficiency in different partially observable Markov decision process domains.

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