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Debiased, Longitudinal and Coordinated Drug Recommendation through Multi-Visit Clinic Records

Hongda Sun · Shufang Xie · Shuqi Li · Yuhan Chen · Ji-Rong Wen · Rui Yan

Keywords: [ Causal Inference ] [ Drug Recommendation ]


AI-empowered drug recommendation has become an important task in healthcare research areas, which offers an additional perspective to assist human doctors with more accurate and more efficient drug prescriptions. Generally, drug recommendation is based on patients' diagnosis results in the electronic health records. We assume that there are three key factors to be addressed in drug recommendation: 1) elimination of recommendation bias due to limitations of observable information, 2) better utilization of historical health condition and 3) coordination of multiple drugs to control safety. To this end, we propose DrugRec, a causal inference based drug recommendation model. The causal graphical model can identify and deconfound the recommendation bias with front-door adjustment. Meanwhile, we model the multi-visit in the causal graph to characterize a patient's historical health conditions. Finally, we model the drug-drug interactions (DDIs) as the propositional satisfiability (SAT) problem, and solving the SAT problem can help better coordinate the recommendation. Comprehensive experiment results show that our proposed model achieves state-of-the-art performance on the widely used datasets MIMIC-III and MIMIC-IV, demonstrating the effectiveness and safety of our method.

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