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Leveraging Inter-Layer Dependency for Post -Training Quantization

changbao wang · DanDan Zheng · Yuanliu Liu · Liang Li

Keywords: [ post-training quantization ] [ Discrete optimization ] [ CNN ] [ over-fitting ] [ Computer Vision ] [ low-bit ]


Prior works on Post-training Quantization (PTQ) typically separate a neural network into sub-nets and quantize them sequentially. This process pays little attention to the dependency across the sub-nets, hence is less optimal. In this paper, we propose a novel Network-Wise Quantization (NWQ) approach to fully leveraging inter-layer dependency. NWQ faces a larger scale combinatorial optimization problem of discrete variables than in previous works, which raises two major challenges: over-fitting and discrete optimization problem. NWQ alleviates over-fitting via a Activation Regularization (AR) technique, which better controls the activation distribution. To optimize discrete variables, NWQ introduces Annealing Softmax (ASoftmax) and Annealing Mixup (AMixup) to progressively transition quantized weights and activations from continuity to discretization, respectively. Extensive experiments demonstrate that NWQ outperforms previous state-of-the-art by a large margin: 20.24\% for the challenging configuration of MobileNetV2 with 2 bits on ImageNet, pushing extremely low-bit PTQ from feasibility to usability. In addition, NWQ is able to achieve competitive results with only 10\% computation cost of previous works.

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