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Multi-view Subspace Clustering on Topological Manifold

Shudong Huang · Hongjie Wu · Yazhou Ren · Ivor Tsang · Zenglin Xu · Wentao Feng · Jiancheng Lv

Keywords: [ Topological Manifold Learning ] [ Multi-view Learning ] [ Subspace Clustering ]


Multi-view subspace clustering aims to exploit a common affinity representation by means of self-expression. Plenty of works have been presented to boost the clustering performance, yet seldom considering the topological structure in data, which is crucial for clustering data on manifold. Orthogonal to existing works, in this paper, we argue that it is beneficial to explore the implied data manifold by learning the topological relationship between data points. Our model seamlessly integrates multiple affinity graphs into a consensus one with the topological relevance considered. Meanwhile, we manipulate the consensus graph by a connectivity constraint such that the connected components precisely indicate different clusters. Hence our model is able to directly obtain the final clustering result without reliance on any label discretization strategy as previous methods do. Experimental results on several benchmark datasets illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed model, compared to the state-of-the-art competitors over the clustering performance.

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