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Unsupervised Visual Representation Learning via Mutual Information Regularized Assignment

Dong Hoon Lee · Sungik Choi · Hyunwoo Kim · Sae-Young Chung

Hall J (level 1) #422

Keywords: [ unsupervised representation learning ] [ pseudo-labeling ] [ mutual information maximization ] [ Self-supervised learning ]

Abstract: This paper proposes Mutual Information Regularized Assignment (MIRA), a pseudo-labeling algorithm for unsupervised representation learning inspired by information maximization. We formulate online pseudo-labeling as an optimization problem to find pseudo-labels that maximize the mutual information between the label and data while being close to a given model probability. We derive a fixed-point iteration method and prove its convergence to the optimal solution. In contrast to baselines, MIRA combined with pseudo-label prediction enables a simple yet effective clustering-based representation learning without incorporating extra training techniques or artificial constraints such as sampling strategy, equipartition constraints, etc. With relatively small training epochs, representation learned by MIRA achieves state-of-the-art performance on various downstream tasks, including the linear/${\it k}$-NN evaluation and transfer learning. Especially, with only 400 epochs, our method applied to ImageNet dataset with ResNet-50 architecture achieves 75.6% linear evaluation accuracy.

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