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Convergence beyond the over-parameterized regime using Rayleigh quotients

David A. R. Robin · Kevin Scaman · marc lelarge

Hall J (level 1) #313


In this paper, we present a new strategy to prove the convergence of Deep Learning architectures to a zero training (or even testing) loss by gradient flow. Our analysis is centered on the notion of Rayleigh quotients in order to prove Kurdyka-Lojasiewicz inequalities for a broader set of neural network architectures and loss functions. We show that Rayleigh quotients provide a unified view for several convergence analysis techniques in the literature. Our strategy produces a proof of convergence for various examples of parametric learning. In particular, our analysis does not require the number of parameters to tend to infinity, nor the number of samples to be finite, thus extending to test loss minimization and beyond the over-parameterized regime.

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