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Fine-Grained Semantically Aligned Vision-Language Pre-Training

Juncheng Li · XIN HE · Longhui Wei · Long Qian · Linchao Zhu · Lingxi Xie · Yueting Zhuang · Qi Tian · Siliang Tang

Hall J (level 1) #635

Keywords: [ Image-Text Retrieval ] [ Cross-Modal Reasoning ] [ vision-language pre-training ] [ vision and language ] [ Multimodal Pre-Training ]


Large-scale vision-language pre-training has shown impressive advances in a wide range of downstream tasks. Existing methods mainly model the cross-modal alignment by the similarity of the global representations of images and text, or advanced cross-modal attention upon image and text features. However, they fail to explicitly learn the fine-grained semantic alignment between visual regions and textual phrases, as only global image-text alignment information is available. In this paper, we introduce LOUPE, a fine-grained semantically aLigned visiOn-langUage PrE-training framework, which learns fine-grained semantic alignment from the novel perspective of game-theoretic interactions. To efficiently estimate the game-theoretic interactions, we further propose an uncertainty-aware neural Shapley interaction learning module. Experiments show that LOUPE achieves state-of-the-art performance on a variety of vision-language tasks. Without any object-level human annotations and fine-tuning, LOUPE achieves competitive performance on object detection and visual grounding. More importantly, LOUPE opens a new promising direction of learning fine-grained semantics from large-scale raw image-text pairs.

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