[Re] Differentiable Spatial Planning using Transformers

Rohit Ranjan · Himadri Bhakta · Animesh Jha · Parv Maheshwari

Keywords: [ ReScience - MLRC 2021 ] [ Journal Track ]


This report covers our reproduction effort of the paper ‘Differentiable Spatial Planning using Transformers’ by DOI Chaplot et al. [chaplot2021differentiable]. In this paper, the problem of spatial path planning in a differentiable way is considered. They show that their proposed method of using Spatial Planning Transformers outperforms prior data‐ driven models and leverages differentiable structures to learn mapping without a ground truth map simultaneously. We verify these claims by reproducing their experiments and testing their method on new data. We also investigate the stability of planning ac‐ curacy with maps with increased obstacle complexity. Efforts to investigate and verify the learnings of the Mapper module were met with failure stemming from a paucity of computational resources and unreachable authors.

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