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Foolish Crowds Support Benign Overfitting

Niladri S. Chatterji · Philip Long

Hall J (level 1) #1005

Keywords: [ JMLR ] [ Journal Track ]

Abstract: We prove a lower bound on the excess risk of sparse interpolating procedures for linear regression with Gaussian data in the overparameterized regime. We apply this result to obtain a lower bound for basis pursuit (the minimum $\ell_1$-norm interpolant) that implies that its excess risk can converge at an exponentially slower rate than OLS (the minimum $\ell_2$-norm interpolant), even when the ground truth is sparse. Our analysis exposes the benefit of an effect analogous to the ``wisdom of the crowd'', except here the harm arising from fitting the noise is ameliorated by spreading it among many directions---the variance reduction arises from a foolish crowd.

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