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Affinity Workshop: Women in Machine Learning

Discriminative Candidate Selection for Image Inpainting

Lucia Cipolina Kun · Simone Caenazzo · Sergio Manuel Papadakis


Within the field of Cultural Heritage, image in- painting is a conservation process that fills in miss- ing or damaged parts of an artwork to present a complete image. Multi-modal diffusion models have brought photo-realistic results on image in- painting where content can be generated by using descriptive text prompts. However, these models fail to produce content consistent with a particular painter’s artistic style and period, being unsuitable for the reconstruction of fine arts and requiring laborious expert judgement. Moreover, genera- tive models produce many plausible outputs for a given prompt. This work presents a methodology to improve the inpainting of fine art by automating the selection process of inpainted candidates. We propose a discriminator model that processes the output of inpainting models and assigns a proba- bility that indicates the likelihood that the restored image belongs to a certain painter.

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