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SNN-RAT: Robustness-enhanced Spiking Neural Network through Regularized Adversarial Training
Jianhao Ding · Tong Bu · Zhaofei Yu · Tiejun Huang · Jian Liu
Thu 14:00 Training Spiking Neural Networks with Local Tandem Learning
Qu Yang · Jibin Wu · Malu Zhang · Yansong Chua · Xinchao Wang · Haizhou Li
Tue 9:00 LTMD: Learning Improvement of Spiking Neural Networks with Learnable Thresholding Neurons and Moderate Dropout
SIQI WANG · Tee Hiang Cheng · Meng-Hiot Lim
Tue 9:00 Dance of SNN and ANN: Solving binding problem by combining spike timing and reconstructive attention
Hao Zheng · Hui Lin · Rong Zhao · Luping Shi
Fri 13:00 An SNN Based ECG Classifier For Wearable Edge Devices
Dighanchal Banerjee · Sounak Dey · Arpan Pal
Stabilization and Acceleration of CFD Simulation by Controlling Relaxation Factor Based on Residues: An SNN Based Approach
Sounak Dey · Dighanchal Banerjee · Mithilesh Maurya · Dilshad Ahmad