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Wed 9:00 Neural Stochastic PDEs: Resolution-Invariant Learning of Continuous Spatiotemporal Dynamics
Cristopher Salvi · Maud Lemercier · Andris Gerasimovics
Tue 9:00 AZ-whiteness test: a test for signal uncorrelation on spatio-temporal graphs
Daniele Zambon · Cesare Alippi
Wed 9:00 Learning to Reconstruct Missing Data from Spatiotemporal Graphs with Sparse Observations
Ivan Marisca · Andrea Cini · Cesare Alippi
Tue 14:00 Local Spatiotemporal Representation Learning for Longitudinally-consistent Neuroimage Analysis
Mengwei Ren · Neel Dey · Martin Styner · Kelly Botteron · Guido Gerig
Tue 14:00 Masked Autoencoders As Spatiotemporal Learners
Christoph Feichtenhofer · haoqi fan · Yanghao Li · Kaiming He
Tue 9:00 Practical Adversarial Attacks on Spatiotemporal Traffic Forecasting Models
Fan LIU · Hao Liu · Wenzhao Jiang
Tue 14:00 Self-supervised Amodal Video Object Segmentation
Jian Yao · Yuxin Hong · Chiyu Wang · Tianjun Xiao · Tong He · Francesco Locatello · David P Wipf · Yanwei Fu · Zheng Zhang
Thu 4:30 3rd prize ex aequo CORE: Team SI Analytics - Simple Baseline for Weather Forecasting Using Spatiotemporal Context Aggregation Network
Minseok Seo
Tue 14:00 Earthformer: Exploring Space-Time Transformers for Earth System Forecasting
Zhihan Gao · Xingjian Shi · Hao Wang · Yi Zhu · Yuyang (Bernie) Wang · Mu Li · Dit-Yan Yeung
Thu 14:00 STNDT: Modeling Neural Population Activity with Spatiotemporal Transformers
Trung Le · Eli Shlizerman
Tue 10:45 Panel 1C-8: Local Spatiotemporal Representation… & Learning Latent Seasonal-Trend…
Mengwei Ren · Zhiyuan Wang
Interpretable Spatiotemporal Forecasting of Arctic Sea Ice Concentration at Seasonal Lead Times
Matthew J Beveridge · Lucas Pereira