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Expo Talk Panel
Mon 7:30 End-to-end cloud-based Document Intelligence Architecture using the open-source Feathr Feature Store, the SynapseML Spark library, and Hugging Face Extractive Question Answering
Mario Inchiosa
COVIDx CXR-3: A Large-Scale, Open-Source Benchmark Dataset of Chest X-ray Images for Computer-Aided COVID-19 Diagnostics
Maya Pavlova · Tia Tuinstra · Hossein Aboutalebi · Andy Zhao · Hayden Gunraj · Alexander Wong
COVIDx CT-3: A Large-scale, Multinational, Open-Source Benchmark Dataset for Computer-aided COVID-19 Screening from Chest CT Images
Hayden Gunraj · Tia Tuinstra · Alexander Wong
Pile of Law: Learning Responsible Data Filtering from the Law and a 256GB Open-Source Legal Dataset
Peter Henderson · Mark Krass · Lucia Zheng · Neel Guha · Christopher D Manning · Dan Jurafsky · Daniel Ho
Tue 9:00 Outsourcing Training without Uploading Data via Efficient Collaborative Open-Source Sampling
Junyuan Hong · Lingjuan Lyu · Jiayu Zhou · Michael Spranger
Tue 9:00 ActionSense: A Multimodal Dataset and Recording Framework for Human Activities Using Wearable Sensors in a Kitchen Environment
Joseph DelPreto · Chao Liu · Yiyue Luo · Michael Foshey · Yunzhu Li · Antonio Torralba · Wojciech Matusik · Daniela Rus
Tue 14:00 The Neural Testbed: Evaluating Joint Predictions
Ian Osband · Zheng Wen · Seyed Mohammad Asghari · Vikranth Dwaracherla · Xiuyuan Lu · MORTEZA IBRAHIMI · Dieterich Lawson · Botao Hao · Brendan O'Donoghue · Benjamin Van Roy
pyGSL: A Graph Structure Learning Toolkit
Max Wasserman · Gonzalo Mateos