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Thu 9:00 Lethal Dose Conjecture on Data Poisoning
Wenxiao Wang · Alexander Levine · Soheil Feizi
Wed 9:00 House of Cans: Covert Transmission of Internal Datasets via Capacity-Aware Neuron Steganography
Xudong Pan · Shengyao Zhang · Mi Zhang · Yifan Yan · Min Yang
Wed 14:00 Finding Naturally Occurring Physical Backdoors in Image Datasets
Emily Wenger · Roma Bhattacharjee · Arjun Nitin Bhagoji · Josephine Passananti · Emilio Andere · Heather Zheng · Ben Zhao
Byzantine-tolerant federated Gaussian process regression for streaming data
Xu Zhang · Zhenyuan Yuan · Minghui Zhu
Tue 14:00 DReS-FL: Dropout-Resilient Secure Federated Learning for Non-IID Clients via Secret Data Sharing
Jiawei Shao · Yuchang Sun · Songze Li · Jun Zhang
VF-PS: How to Select Important Participants in Vertical Federated Learning, Efficiently and Securely?
Jiawei Jiang · Lukas Burkhalter · Fangcheng Fu · Bolin Ding · Bo Du · Anwar Hithnawi · Bo Li · Ce Zhang
Tue 14:00 Private Set Generation with Discriminative Information
Dingfan Chen · Raouf Kerkouche · Mario Fritz
Wed 9:00 Sleeper Agent: Scalable Hidden Trigger Backdoors for Neural Networks Trained from Scratch
Hossein Souri · Liam Fowl · Rama Chellappa · Micah Goldblum · Tom Goldstein
Tue 14:00 Efficiently Factorizing Boolean Matrices using Proximal Gradient Descent
Sebastian Dalleiger · Jilles Vreeken
Expo Demonstration
Mon 8:00 Practical Deployment of Secure Federated Learning: Challenges, Opportunities and Solutions
Yi Zhou · Nathalie Baracaldo
Thu 14:00 Untargeted Backdoor Watermark: Towards Harmless and Stealthy Dataset Copyright Protection
Yiming Li · Yang Bai · Yong Jiang · Yong Yang · Shu-Tao Xia · Bo Li
Pre-trained Adversarial Perturbations
Yuanhao Ban · Yinpeng Dong