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Sat Dec 12 06:00 AM -- 02:00 PM (PST)
MLPH: Machine Learning in Public Health
Rumi Chunara · Abraham Flaxman · Daniel Lizotte · Chirag J Patel · Laura Rosella

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Public health and population health refer to the study of daily life factors and prevention efforts, and their effects on the health of populations. We expect that work featured in this workshop will differ from Machine Learning in Healthcare as it will focus on data and algorithms related to the non-medical conditions that shape our health including structural, lifestyle, policy, social, behavior and environmental factors. Indeed, much of the data that is traditionally used in machine learning and health problems are really about our interactions with the health care system, and this workshop aims to balance this with machine learning work using data on the non-medical conditions that shape our health. There are many machine learning opportunities specific to these data and how they are used to assess and understand health and disease, that differ from healthcare specific data and tasks (e.g. the data is often unstructured, must be captured across the life-course, in different environments, etc.) This is pertinent for both infectious diseases such as COVID-19 and non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, stroke, etc. Indeed, this workshop topic is especially timely given the COVID outbreak, protests regarding racism, and associated interest in exploring relevance of machine learning to questions around disease incidence, prevention and mitigation related to both of these and their synergy. These questions require the use of data from outside of healthcare, as well as considerations of how machine learning can augment work in epidemiology and biostatistics.

Keynote 1 (Invited Talk (Recorded Presentation + Live Q&A))
Rumi Chunara, Daniela Paolotti
Contributed Talk 1 (Recorded talk)
Rumi Chunara
Contributed Talk 2 (Recorded talk)
Rumi Chunara, Aishwarya Jadhav
Contributed Talk 3 (Recorded talk)
Rumi Chunara, Rui Wang
Contributed talk 4 (Recorded talk)
Rumi Chunara, Ren Wang
Lightning talk 1 (Recorded lightning talk)
Rumi Chunara, Esra Suel
Lightning talk 2 (Recorded lightning talk)
Rumi Chunara, Raj R Pranesh
Lightning talk 3 (Recorded lightning talk)
Rumi Chunara, Edward Thorpe-Woods
Lightning talk 4 (Recorded lightning talk)
Rumi Chunara
Lightning talk 5 (Recorded lightning talk)
Rumi Chunara, Dario Antweiler
Public Health in Practice Panel (Panel)
Rumi Chunara
Keynote 2 (Invited Talk (Recorded Presentation + Live Q&A))
Rumi Chunara, Scott Weichenthal
Speed research encounter (Paired meetings)
Keynote 3 (Invited Talk (Recorded Presentation + Live Q&A))
Rumi Chunara, Latifa Jackson
Lightning talk 6 (Recorded lightning talk)
Rumi Chunara, sema Sgaier
Lightning talk 7 (Recorded lightning talk)
Rumi Chunara
Lightning talk 8 (Recorded lightning talk)
Rumi Chunara, Paiheng Xu
Lightning talk 9 (Recorded lightning talk)
Rumi Chunara, Nicholas Johnson
Lightning talk 10 (Recorded lightning talk)
Rumi Chunara, Boyu Zhang
Lightning talk 11 (Recorded lightning talk)
Rumi Chunara, Alexander Rodriguez
Lightning talk 12 (Recorded lightning talk)
Rumi Chunara, Aaron Sonabend
Break 2 (Break)
Keynote 4 (Invited Talk (Recorded Presentation + Live Q&A))
Rumi Chunara, Madhav Marathe
Closing remarks (Live closing remarks)
Rumi Chunara