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Fri Dec 11 06:00 AM -- 06:15 PM (PST)
Learning Meaningful Representations of Life (LMRL.org)
Elizabeth Wood · Debora Marks · Thouis Jones · Adji Bousso Dieng · Alan Aspuru-Guzik · Anshul Kundaje · Barbara Engelhardt · Chang Liu · Edward Boyden · Kresten Lindorff-Larsen · Mor Nitzan · Smita Krishnaswamy · Wouter Boomsma · Yixin Wang · David Van Valen · Orr Ashenberg

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This workshop is designed to bring together trainees and experts in machine learning with those in the very forefront of biological research today for this purpose. Our full-day workshop will advance the joint project of the CS and biology communities with the goal of "Learning Meaningful Representations of Life" (LMRL), emphasizing interpretable representation learning of structure and principle. As last year, the workshop will be oriented around four layers of biological abstraction: molecule, cell, synthetic biology, and phenotypes.

Mapping structural molecular detail to organismal phenotype and function; predicting emergent effects of human genetic variation; and designing novel interventions including prevention, diagnostics, therapeutics, and the development of new synthetic biotechnologies for causal investigations are just some of the challenges that hinge on appropriate formal structures to make them accessible to the broadest possible community of computer scientists, statisticians, and their tools.

Meet in Gather.town (All-day event)
Join the Discussion in Slack (All-day event)
Hilary Finucane (Pre-Recorded Talk)
Hilary Finucane
Live Discussion with Jacob Ulirsch (Finucane Lab) (Post-talk Q&A with Jacob Ulirsch in Person)
Daniela Witten (Pre-Recorded Talk)
Daniela M Witten
Poster Session I - All Posters (Poster Session)
Timothy Springer (Opening Remarks: Timothy Springer (Prerecorded))
Cell Panel (Cell Panel: Live with Mor Nitzan, Raveh, Keren and Zeevi)
Akiko Iwasaki (Phenotype Talk: Pre-Recorded)
Akiko Iwasaki
David Ryan Koes (Molecule Talk: Pre-Recorded)
Dave Koes
Barak Raveh (Cell Talk: Pre-Recorded)
Barak Raveh
Viviana Gradinaru (Synth Talk: Pre-Recorded)
Viviana Gradinaru
Christina Leslie (Opening Remarks: Live with Christina Leslie in Person)
Christina Leslie
Leeat Keren (Cell Talk: Pre-Recorded)
Leeat Keren
Cecilia Clementi (Molecule Talk: Pre-Recorded with Cecilia Clementi Live in Person)
Cecilia Clementi
Tamara Broderick (Recorded Talk with Tamara Broderick Live in Person)
Tamara Broderick
Jose Miguel Hernandez Lobato (Synth Talk: Pre-Recorded with Hernandez Lobato Live in Person)
Jose Miguel Hernández-Lobato
Eran Segal (Phenotype Talk: Pre-Recorded)
Eran Segal
David Zeevi (Cell Talk: Pre-Recorded)
David Zeevi
Pedro Beltrao (Molecule Talk: Pre-Recorded)
Pedro Beltrao
Jesse Bloom (Cell Talk: Pre-Recorded)
Jesse Bloom
Tamara Broderick (Discussion with Tamara Broderick Live in Person)
Hattie Chung (Synth Talk: Pre-Recorded)
Hattie Chung
Harlan Krumholz (Phenotype Talk: Pre-Recorded)
Harlan Krumholz
Chang Liu (Synth Talk: Live Talk with Chang Liu in Person)
Chang Liu
Geoffrey Schiebinger (Cell Talk: Pre-Recorded)
Geoffrey Schiebinger
Christine Peter (Molecule Talk: Recorded talk with Christine Peter Live in Person)
Christine Peter
John Chodera (Molecule Talk: Pre-Recorded with John Chodera Live in Person)
John Chodera
Samantha Riesenfeld (Live Talk with Samantha Riesenfeld in Person)
Samantha Riesenfeld
Hirunima Jayasekara (Phenotype Talk: Pre-Recorded)
Hirunima Jayasekara
Phenotype Panel (Phenotype Panel: Live with Iwasaki, Segal and Krumholz)
Eli Weinstein (Synth Talk: Recorded Talk with Eli Weinstein Live in Person)
Eli Weinstein
Caroline Weis (Phenotype Talk: Pre-Recorded with Caroline Weis Live in Person)
Caroline Weis
Maria Littmann (Molecule Talk: Recorded talk with Maria Littman Live in Person)
Maria Littmann
Martin Voegele (Molecule Talk: Pre-Recorded with Martin Voegele Live in Person)
Martin Voegele
James Morton (Molecule Talk: Pre-Recorded)
James Morton
Manik Kuchroo (Phenotype Talk: Pre-Recorded)
Manik Kuchroo
Surojit Biswas (Synth Talk: Pre-Recorded with Surojit Biswas Live in Person)
Surge Biswas, Surge Biswas
Claus Hélix-Nielsen (Synth Talk: Live Talk with Claus Hélix-Nielsen in Person)
Juan Caicedo and Shantanu Singh (Cell Talk: Live Q&A with Caicedo and Singh)
Shantanu Singh, Juan Caicedo
Max Shen (Molecule Talk: Pre-Recorded)
Max Shen
Eli Draizen (Molecule Talk: Pre-Recorded)
Eli Draizen
David Baker (Live Talk with David Baker in Person)
David Baker
Pamela Silver and Debora Marks (Live in Conversation with Pamela Silver and Debora Marks)
Jennifer Listgarten (Live Talk with Jennifer Listgarten in Person)
Jennifer Listgarten
Sri Kosuri (Synth Talk: Pre-Recorded)
Sri Kosuri (Discussion with Sri Kosuri Live in Person)
Poster Session II - All Posters (Poster Session)