Workshop: HCAI@NeurIPS 2022, Human Centered AI

Accuracy Is Not All You Need

David Piorkowski · Rachel Ostrand · Yara Rizk · Vatche Ishagian · Vinod Muthusamy · Justin D Weisz

Keywords: [ human-AI-collaboration ] [ AI evaluation ]


Improving the performance of human-AI (artificial intelligence) collaborations tends to be narrowly scoped, with better prediction performance often considered the only metric of improvement. As a result, work on improving the collaboration usually focuses on improving the AI's accuracy. Here, we argue that such a focus is myopic, and instead, practitioners should take a more holistic view of measuring the performance of AI models, and human-AI collaboration more specifically. In particular, we argue that although some use cases merit optimizing for classification accuracy, for others, accuracy is less important and improvement on human-centered metrics should be valued instead.

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