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Workshop: HCAI@NeurIPS 2022, Human Centered AI

Metric Elicitation; Moving from Theory to Practice

Safinah Ali · Sohini Upadhyay · Gaurush Hiranandani · Elena Glassman · Sanmi Koyejo

Keywords: [ Visualization ] [ pairwise comparison ] [ binary search ] [ practical ] [ user interface ] [ user study ] [ Confusion Matrix ]


Metric Elicitation (ME) is a framework for eliciting classification metrics that better align with implicit user preferences based on the task and context. The existing ME strategy so far is based on the assumption that users can most easily provide preference feedback over classifier statistics such as confusion matrices. This work examines ME, by providing a first ever implementation of the ME strategy. Specifically, we create a web-based ME interface and conduct a user study that elicits users' preferred metrics in a binary classification setting. We discuss the study findings and present guidelines for future research in this direction.

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