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Attack-Agnostic Adversarial Detection
Jiaxin Cheng · Mohamed Hussein · Jayadev Billa · Wael Abd-Almageed
Tue 9:00 Collaborative Linear Bandits with Adversarial Agents: Near-Optimal Regret Bounds
Aritra Mitra · Arman Adibi · George J. Pappas · Hamed Hassani
Wed 9:00 Sleeper Agent: Scalable Hidden Trigger Backdoors for Neural Networks Trained from Scratch
Hossein Souri · Liam Fowl · Rama Chellappa · Micah Goldblum · Tom Goldstein
Defending Against Adversarial Attacks via Neural Dynamic System
Xiyuan Li · Zou Xin · Weiwei Liu
Wed 14:00 Efficient Adversarial Training without Attacking: Worst-Case-Aware Robust Reinforcement Learning
Yongyuan Liang · Yanchao Sun · Ruijie Zheng · Furong Huang
Thu 14:00 Revisiting Injective Attacks on Recommender Systems
Haoyang LI · Shimin DI · Lei Chen
Tue 9:00 How Sampling Impacts the Robustness of Stochastic Neural Networks
Sina Däubener · Asja Fischer
Tue 14:00 SALSA: Attacking Lattice Cryptography with Transformers
Emily Wenger · Mingjie Chen · Francois Charton · Kristin E. Lauter
Wed 9:00 Learning to Attack Federated Learning: A Model-based Reinforcement Learning Attack Framework
Henger Li · Xiaolin Sun · Zizhan Zheng
Decision-based Black-box Attack Against Vision Transformers via Patch-wise Adversarial Removal
Yucheng Shi · Yahong Han · Yu-an Tan · Xiaohui Kuang
Adversarial Training with Complementary Labels: On the Benefit of Gradually Informative Attacks
Jianan Zhou · Jianing Zhu · Jingfeng ZHANG · Tongliang Liu · Gang Niu · Bo Han · Masashi Sugiyama
Thu 14:00 Randomized Channel Shuffling: Minimal-Overhead Backdoor Attack Detection without Clean Datasets
Ruisi Cai · Zhenyu Zhang · Tianlong Chen · Xiaohan Chen · Zhangyang Wang