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Wed 14:00 Meta-Auto-Decoder for Solving Parametric Partial Differential Equations
Xiang Huang · Zhanhong Ye · Hongsheng Liu · Shi Ji · Zidong Wang · Kang Yang · Yang Li · Min Wang · Haotian CHU · Fan Yu · Bei Hua · Lei Chen · Bin Dong
Tue 9:00 Accelerated Training of Physics-Informed Neural Networks (PINNs) using Meshless Discretizations
Ramansh Sharma · Varun Shankar
Wed 14:00 Physically-Based Face Rendering for NIR-VIS Face Recognition
Yunqi Miao · Alexandros Lattas · Jiankang Deng · Jungong Han · Stefanos Zafeiriou
Thu 14:00 Generic bounds on the approximation error for physics-informed (and) operator learning
Tim De Ryck · Siddhartha Mishra
Thu 9:00 Physics-Informed Implicit Representations of Equilibrium Network Flows
Kevin D. Smith · Francesco Seccamonte · Ananthram Swami · Francesco Bullo
Tue 14:00 Physics-Embedded Neural Networks: Graph Neural PDE Solvers with Mixed Boundary Conditions
Masanobu Horie · NAOTO MITSUME
Wed 9:00 PhysGNN: A Physics--Driven Graph Neural Network Based Model for Predicting Soft Tissue Deformation in Image--Guided Neurosurgery
Yasmin Salehi · Dennis Giannacopoulos
Tue 14:00 Unravelling the Performance of Physics-informed Graph Neural Networks for Dynamical Systems
Abishek Thangamuthu · Gunjan Kumar · Suresh Bishnoi · Ravinder Bhattoo · N M Anoop Krishnan · Sayan Ranu
Improved Training of Physics-informed Neural Networks using Energy-Based priors: A Study on Electrical Impedance Tomography
Akarsh Pokkunuru · Pedram Rooshenas · Thilo Strauss · Anuj Abhishek · Taufiquar Khan
Evaluating Error Bound for Physics-Informed Neural Networks on Linear Dynamical Systems
Shuheng Liu · Xiyue Huang · Pavlos Protopapas
Thu 14:00 NeurOLight: A Physics-Agnostic Neural Operator Enabling Parametric Photonic Device Simulation
Jiaqi Gu · Zhengqi Gao · Chenghao Feng · Hanqing Zhu · Ray Chen · Duane Boning · David Pan
PhAST: Physics-Aware, Scalable, and Task-specific GNNs for accelerated catalyst design
ALEXANDRE DUVAL · Victor Schmidt · Alex Hernandez-Garcia · Santiago Miret · Yoshua Bengio · David Rolnick