NeurIPS 2021
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Advances in Programming Languages and Neurosymbolic Systems (AIPLANS)

Breandan Considine · Disha Shrivastava · David Yu-Tung Hui · Chin-Wei Huang · Shawn Tan · Xujie Si · Prakash Panangaden · Guy Van den Broeck · Daniel Tarlow

Tue 14 Dec, 3:45 a.m. PST

Neural information processing systems have benefited tremendously from the availability of programming languages and frameworks for automatic differentiation (AD). Not only do NeurIPS benefit from programming languages for automatic inference but can also be considered as a language in their own right, consisting of differentiable and stochastic primitives. Combined with neural language models, these systems are increasingly capable of generating symbolic programs a human programmer might write in a high-level language. Developing neurosymbolic systems for automatic program synthesis requires insights from both statistical learning and programming languages.

AIPLANS invites all researchers working towards the same purpose in these two communities to build on common ground. Our workshop is designed to be as inclusive as possible towards researchers engaged in building programming languages and neurosymbolic systems.

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