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Machine Learning in Structural Biology Workshop

Roshan Rao · Jonas Adler · Namrata Anand · John Ingraham · Sergey Ovchinnikov · Ellen Zhong

Room 288 - 289

Sat 3 Dec, 6:30 a.m. PST

In only a few years, structural biology, the study of the 3D structure or shape of proteins and other biomolecules, has been transformed by breakthroughs from machine learning algorithms. Machine learning models are now routinely being used by experimentalists to predict structures that can help answer real biological questions (e.g. AlphaFold), accelerate the experimental process of structure determination (e.g. computer vision algorithms for cryo-electron microscopy), and have become a new industry standard for bioengineering new protein therapeutics (e.g. large language models for protein design). Despite all this progress, there are still many active and open challenges for the field, such as modeling protein dynamics, predicting higher order complexes, pushing towards generalization of protein folding physics, and relating the structure of proteins to the in vivo and contextual nature of their underlying function. These challenges are diverse and interdisciplinary, motivating new kinds of machine learning systems and requiring the development and maturation of standard benchmarks and datasets.

In this exciting time for the field, our workshop, “Machine Learning in Structural Biology” (MLSB), seeks to bring together relevant experts, practitioners, and students across a broad community to focus on these challenges and opportunities. We believe the union of these communities, including the geometric and graph learning communities, NLP researchers, and structural biologists with domain expertise at our workshop can help spur new ideas, spark collaborations, and advance the impact of machine learning in structural biology. Progress at this intersection promises to unlock new scientific discoveries and the ability to design novel medicines.

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